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Here you will find links for the Ministry of Deliverance With Pastor Henry.  FaceBook, Rumble, YouTube, Radio Station, Church ministries, HUB / Remnant Assembly Locations, and more. 

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Armed & Dangerous Information

Seminar Training at Eventbrite link for the events showing Armed and Dangerous Dates, Times, and Locations.


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Armed and Dangerous is a deliverance and spiritual warfare manual; spiritually eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and sensational! The secrets of the demonic stronghold of mind control, Leviathan, and spirit spouses are presented and broken in this manual. It covers:

The Spirit of Mind Control: spiritually confused, mental abuse, mental torment, foggy minded, memory loss, tossed around, double minded, schizophrenia, disorganized thoughts, out-of-touch with reality, and don’t know that to do. The octopus of mind control is at work.

Spirit of Leviathan: lower back pain without cause, scoliosis, twisting spine; baldness, hair loss (male or female), itching, burning skin, body order, etc. Leviathan, the king of the children of pride, is at work.

Spirit Spouses: can’t get married, divorced, regularly failing relationships, married couples sleep in separated beds, sexually tormented in dreams, pornography, masturbation strongholds, etc. Incubus (male sexual demon), Succubus (female sexual demon), Lilith, and Pan are at work.
Learn how to defeat this “threefold cord” demonic attack against the children of God. Ecclesiastes 4:12 states that a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

FRA .Church

Freedom Remnant Assembly Church Ministries is the church organization started by Deliverance with Pastor Henry to bring together like ministries of Full Gospel and Deliverance.


FaceBook page for Deliverance with Pastor Henry Ministry

FaceBook Link for Pastor Henry Shaffer Sr.


This is the main channel for Deliverance With Pastor Henry to stream new content.  Look for Rumble link which mirrors this channe.

University Parkway Church of God | Aiken, SC. | YouTube Channel.  Home Church where Pastor Henry is the Lead Pastor | This is the location where Live church services are streamed.

Deep Believers' YouTube Channel

Mind Control is real is the videos that God said would go viral in a dream and the ministry would change.

Worthy of spending your time to watch...share with others.  

Deep Believer's Channel on YouTube

Spirit Spouse deliverance from Incubus, Succubus, Lilith, and more.  

Teaching on Demons and The Supernatural

Radio Stream WUCC

Website for WUCC 99.9 fm Radio Station | God's radio Station - bringing the Gospel 24/7.

Player for the Audio Stream that originates for the Studios of WUCC 99.9 fm


Live Broadcasts and past messages delivered at main facility for FRA.CHURCH | Freedom Remnant Church Ministries.  

Deliverance with Pastor Henry - Rumble Channel | This channel will host videos that cannot be posted on YouTube due to having strikes against the YouTube Channel.  I will stream here as well as YouTube.

Most in depth COVID Mass Deliverance Service | If you are a Christian and had COVID or has COVID this is a must watch. Anyone who had the Vax needs to watch this deliverance video. If you had a loved one who is still sick, play this so they can hear it. Deliverance is for God's People!


Spiritual Freedom Network is a ministry within University Parkway Freedom Church.  Here you will find documents and teaching files for this deliverance ministry.

This is the website for the church where Pastor Henry Shaffer is the Lead Pastor.  Check here for deliverance updates, and importance announcements.

Website for WUCC 99.9 fm Radio Station | God's radio Station - bringing the Gospel 24/7.

Giving - Support

Paypal account to support ministry of Henry Shaffer